Property Management for Owners

A rental home is a big investment. With all the regulations, legal issues and liabilities it is in your best interest to hire a professional property management company. Whether you purchased the home as an investment property or you own a home that you are looking to turn into a rental for the first time, we can help.

Full Menu of Services to Our Property Owners


  • Personal showings by professional realtors
  • Marketing through the internet on over 20 different sites, a listing on the MLS/MIBOR, printed advertisements, and Industry Associate Networking
  • Qualifying prospective tenants with a thorough credit and background check
  • Lease preparation and other addendums to the lease


  • Pre move-in Inspections with digital photos and a detailed room-by-room checklist
  • Initial 30 day Inspection (as requested by owner)
  • Lease Renewal Inspections before signing a new lease
  • Move-out Inspections with digital photos, damage statements and/or settlement statements, detailed room-by-room checklist and collection of keys

Evictions/Debt Collection

  • Eviction Filing with the courts
  • Courtroom Representation
  • Follow through on collection of the judgment


  • Collection of Rent
  • Monthly and Annual P/L statements
  • Monthly Bill Payment