I would strongly recommend the team at Kirk Realty Group for your investment needs. As an out of state investor I feel I has found a winning team to serve my investment needs. Over the past year Kirk Realty Group has supported my personal purchase of (5) homes. The investment and property management team is a professional turnkey operation. The services they have provided me range from searching for a potential property to purchase, reviewing and making an offer, and supporting the closing process for these homes. The team carefully screens potential tenants to live in my investments. The rentals and payments for maintenance services are taken care of by the Property Management Team, and then logged on a computerized software platform accounting journal for my readily easy review of monthly and quarterly activities. The property Management Team additionally provide the service of procuring quotes for rehab efforts, and do a great job on follow up by inspecting the contractors work. I plan to have a long relationship with the team at Kirk Realty Group and continue to have total faith and trust in this team. – Todd T. – Los Angeles, CA